3D printing ballistic ketchup - 2017

When I tell people I worked with ceramic materials and their processing, the first thing that come to their minds are coffee mugs, or a very romantic scene from the movie Ghost. Although, that is not completely inaccurate, ceramic materials are more popular, and important, that many people realize. Your bones and teeth are ceramic. You'll find ceramic components on airplanes, a turbine, or in your car engine. That white thing on the top of the spark plugs for your car, yeah, that is ceramic. Many components that build up your ... See more

heat and cold back and forth to charge your phone - 2013.


Energy supply is ones of the most important elements of development, and also that thing that powers your WiFi and charges your phone so you can post that kitty photo that the entire world wide web needs so bad. In areas with abundant water damps are use to generate electricity and contribute to people´s quality live (or social media drama). However, in areas where water is not that abundant other resources are needed. Hence thermal power stations use turbines to generate electricity (something similar to what happens in a plane engine). In a very simplified manner,  the hotter the turbines gets the greater the amount of energy you can produce. So the question is: How hot can we get a turbine and still operate it in a safe manner ?... See more