Besides creating and building machines I enjoy creating memories. Here is a collection of photographs I've taken over years. Hope they create a reaction on you.

Starting another year in Uncle Sam's snow - 2018


The winter of 2013, and its polar vortex, was the first I ever experienced. I had the immense fortune of living my first 25 years of live in Colombia (AKA perfect weather & no mass shootings). After living for a couple of years in the US, you start think you get use to the cold weather and things get easier. I'm not sure sure about that after spending the Christmas of 2017 here again.

First time touching European land - 2017

On May of 2017 I went for the first time to Europe. Not the typical Euro-trip, I visited Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Austria.

Enjoy the taste of real Hungarian goulash and face the freezing reality of Auschwitz.


Same place, New life - 2016


Smokey mountains  and doing something pretty irresponsible but that I gonna remember happily the rest of my life. Thanks young bear for ignoring me.

Other year in the Midwest (US) - 2015

This is small collection of pictures I took during 2015. Is crazy how grad school get is way to make you feel guilty when you are doing something different than studying or working in the lab. Nevertheless, I was able to sneak in a couple of shoots



Life in the Midwest (us) - 2014


After wishing to have a "real camera" for almost 7 years I got my first DSLR, nikon d3200, in 2014. I had read the manuals for other cameras but never had my own until then.

This was also the time I moved to the U.S to go to graduate school.

Sapzurro - 2011





This is a small photo collection I made with a point and shoot camera in a trip to Sapzurro, Colombia.



Medellin, The begining - 2007



I learned my photography basics at a workshop in a "ghetto" in Medellin. The same pace where the movie "la vendedora de rosas" (the rose seller) was shoot. I didn't grew up in that exact neighborhood. However, it was the place where I pushed the shutter for the first time, attended college, and started many journeys.